Colmar : religious buildings

  • The collegiate church of Saint-Martin, frequently called “cathedral of Saint-Martin Colmar,” is the most important religious building in the town of Colmar, Alsace, and one of the largest Gothic churches in the Haut-Rhin
  • The Dominican church, place of worship emblematic of Colmar has a long construction, spread between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Reflecting the own austerity Dominicans, it adopts a baroque style in 1720 after a major fire. This church was part of a larger whole, the Dominican monastery, became public library today.
    It houses the famous “Virgin at the Rosebush” Martin Schongauer.
  • The St. Matthew Church (former Franciscan church and Protestant church of St. Matthew) is a monument located in Colmar, in the French department of Haut-Rhin.
    Since its remarkable sound quality, it welcomes every year an international music festival