Wildlife parks

  • the Eagle Park, La Volerie des Aigles, 32 km, http://www.voleriedesaigles.com, gives its visitors the unique opportunity to observe and admire the most beautiful sky and the largest raptors of the world.
  • The mountain monkeys, La Montagne des Singes, 32 km, http://www.montagnedessinges.com. Enter the Monkeys’ home, let yourself escape into the fascinating world of more than 200 Barbary macaques roaming free in 60 acres of beautiful forest.
    Here you can see an adult male carrying a baby, there, two females grooming, and in the distance two little ones playing by the pond…
    You will be astonished to see how well you can observe the monkeys exhibiting their natural behaviour, and to see how close you can get to them
  • Reintroduction center storks. Le Centre de réintroduction des cigognes, 16 km, http://www.centredereintroduction.fr/A zoo is obviously a leisure area, but his role does not stop there: it is primarily a place where we become aware of threats to nature and the need to save. And since its creation in 1976, the Reintroduction Centre decided to focus on the regional natural heritage which it wishes to preserve and (re) discover the rich visitors … So he embarked on this path by focusing on conservation threatened local species and public awareness. It is thanks to the initiative of Jacques RENAUD, big fan of the animal world and founder of the Eagle Park (Kintzheim-67) and the financial support that the Centre has been possible, but by hard work his brother Jean-Claude, another enthusiast, who joined him in this adventure! Today is Jérôme Renaud, his son, who took the reins of the center.